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800 Vinial Street, Suite B307, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
STEM Coding Lab History & Founders

STEM Coding Lab was started by the Penninti family in 2017. Viv Penninti came to Pittsburgh from India in 1980 to get his master’s in Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). He subsequently got his MBA from CMU and landed his first job at MSA, a local (Pittsburgh) data analytics firm. Thus was born his love for the city of Pittsburgh and his adopted country which welcomed him with open arms and provided opportunities to succeed based on merit and hard work. Viv went on to become the Chief Executive Officer at MSA, iGate, and other companies, and started several companies himself, mostly in the fields of information technology and data analytics.

Viv believes that digital literacy is key to the success of our children. His local experience, though, indicated a major “digital divide” in society where a large number of the less fortunate children simply did not have access to the resources needed to succeed. Thus was born STEM Coding Lab – an organization focused on providing computer education to underserved children. This has been Viv’s way to contribute and payback to the community that welcomed him and nurtured him for the past 30+ years. A devoted husband & father and beloved by his employees, family, and friends, STEM Coding Lab is thankful for his generosity and leadership.