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STEM Coding Lab is proud to partner with area schools and after-school programs to provide expert CS instruction to students throughout the K-8 spectrum.

In-School Instruction
Out-of-School Instruction
Virtual Instruction

21st Century Ready Students

Our Focus

In a digital global economy – our children, especially those from under-served communities, need to be equipped with digital skills to compete and succeed.

The facts are clear. Coding is a must for all of our children.

Percentage of Teachers that believe computer science is critical to the future workplace success of students:

88 %

Percentage of all new jobs in STEM that are in computing and software development:

76 %

Percentage of schools nationally that do not offer CS coursework:

90 %

Percentage of parents nationally who say that offering CS is more important than or just as important as required courses like math, science, history and English:

84 %
OUR Partners

STEM Coding Lab is proud to partner with the following organizations: