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800 Vinial Street, Suite B307, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
About us

STEM Coding Lab provides computer science and coding education to K-8 students who would not otherwise have access to it. Working in both in-school and after-school settings, our teachers equip more than 2,000 youth with 21st Century computer skills every year.

Mission: To provide under-resourced children with the computer skills needed to succeed in the digital economy.

Vision:A world where all children have the same opportunity to succeed, regardless of income level.

Our Relevance

Our commitment to our mission is rooted in a few simple facts.

Pennsylvania’s Future Job Market:


14,000 open computer science jobs in Pennsylvania today:


918,000 CS job vacancies nationwide:


83% of the middle-income jobs in America require digital literacy:

83 %

Less than 10% of K-8 youth have access to a foundational computer science course:

10 %