800 Vinial Street, Suite A200, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
About us

The work of STEM Coding Lab is designed to activate the next generation of digitally literate professionals. Working in both in-school and after-school settings, we strive to expose students learning in underfunded communities to computer science lessons that will prepare them for the 21st Century.

Mission: To provide under-resourced children with the computer skills needed to succeed in the digital economy.

Vision:A world where all children have the same opportunity to succeed, regardless of income level.

Our Relevance

Our commitment to our mission is rooted in a few simple facts.

Pennsylvania’s Future Job Market:


In Pennsylvania, there are 18,000+ unfilled computer science jobs with an average salary of $80,000 and an annual projected growth up to:

26 %

In Pennsylvania, between 2017-2027, estimated growth of computer science jobs:

10 %

The percentage of new jobs in Pennsylvania that will require computer science skills:

71 %

Average salary of computing jobs in Pennsylvania: